New Feria de Abril de Sevilla 2022

By on 14 March, 2022

La Feria de Abril de Sevilla 2022 will take place on Sunday 1 to Saturday 7 May 2022. It will begin at 00.00 Sunday hours 1 May 2022 with proof of the 'alumbrao ", when all the lights of the enclosure are turned on and will end on Saturday 7 May 2022 to 24.00 hours with the traditional fireworks.

Fair 2022 will have two holidays, Monday 2 and Wednesday 4 May. It will also have more than 1.000 local police, 280 national police, 40 members of Civil Protection, 100 firefighters and over 450 Lipasam workers.

This year the lighting is released by replacing the 201.000 incandescent bulbs for others of the LED type.

As every year there will be during the entire week of the Fair in the streets near the Real special regulation for vehicles to circulate. Virgin of Luján be one-way from Glorieta of the Cigar to Santa Fe), Avenue Our Lady of Olives (Virgin of Lujan onto Avenue Alfredo Kraus), Indies Fleet Avenue and Avenida Presidente Adolfo Suárez (Glorieta Our Lady of the Oliva Cigar). The access from the bypass SE-30 to Highway Locks will be cut.

Special restrictions on activities that include the sale of food and beverages.

Another novelty this year 2022 is that during the Fair they cannot be sold, from the 16:00 until 8:00 hours of beverages that can be consumed on public roads, in any type of container (glass, cans, plastic and the like), no ice, by the establishments located in the surroundings of the fairgrounds, with the aim of reducing bottles and problems of coexistence in the Los Remedios neighborhood during the April Fair. More information in the next link:


The Fair of April 2022 will have three days without noise on Calle del Infierno during 4 hours so that it can be enjoyed especially by people with autism spectrum disorders.
– Monday 2 May, Thursday 5 May and Saturday 7 May 14:00 a 18:00 hours.
An inclusive initiative at the request of the Asperger TEA Seville that is possible thanks to the collaboration of the association of trade fair companies.

Ride horses

The edition of the year 2022 maintains the freedom of horse and carriage ride, regardless of their tuition.


1.- PEDESTRIAN.- Pedestrian movements are one of the most recommended means, although this is conditioned by the distances to be traveled to the Real.
2.- TUSSAM.-
There will be a special line for the Fair. Part of the Prado de San Sebastián (Calle José María Osborne) and ends at the Expo place by its cover, the tour is done in few minutes since has segregated and preferred road. Also return links to the Real de la Feria in Prado de San Sebastián main point of the network of lines that are standing there. This Special Feria line has a continuous operation throughout the week of Feria. The ticket price is 1,60 Euros in cash and 1,50 Euros with prepaid bus pass.
Penetrate or alter its route to the Royal the following lines:
Circular C-1, Circular C-2, Radial 41, Cross 05 and Transversal 06 (this no night service).
They are all valid travel documents. From 24:00 hours for these lines the ticket price will be 1,60 Euros if paid in cash 1,50 Euros with prepaid bus pass.
3.- METRO.-
There are three metro stops whose proximity to the Fair make it a highly recommended way to access it. These stops are known as Plaza de Cuba, The Princes Park and Blas Infante. The Metro service will be provided uninterruptedly during the Fair.
4.- TAXIS.-
Have special access to dedicated lanes and stops at the Fair are located on avenue Indian fleet and the Glorieta Tickets Saeta.
Has authorized the payment of the Fee 1.2 from the 7.00 until 21.00 hours from Sunday to Saturday of the Fair for any route in the city and of the Rate 1.3 from the 00.00 hours to 07.00 hours and 21.00 hours to 24.00 hours from Sunday to Saturday of the Fair for any route in the city.
Taxis come from Alcor will have lane access through the parking Charco de la Pava, Rubén Darío street and avenue Blas Infante.
To access the private car is recommended through:
1.- Northern and eastern: Puente del Alamillo, Carlos III, Wall Defense.
2.- Zona Centro-Macarena: Barqueta Bridge, Avda. Marie Curie, Carlos III, Wall Defense.
3.- Zona Centro-Sur: Tournament, Christ the End, Wall Defense.
4.- Zona Centro-Sur: Puente de San Telmo, Salty, Blas Infante, Wall Defense.
5.- This-Nerbioi: SE-30, V Centenario Bridge, Wall Defense, Direct access to Charco de la Pava.
6.- Aljarafe Sur, Puente Juan Carlos I, Direct access Charco de la Pava.
7.- Centro-Ctra Aljarafe. Huelva: Direct access by Wall Defense.
8.- Alcor North: Walking Bridge, Carlos III, Wall Defense.
Public car parks are located to the Fair:
Car parks P-5, P-6 y P-7:
Only subscribers. Usage by Puente de las Delicias and the Weir Road.:
Car parks P-1 and P-4:
Only subscribers. Access from Argentina and Avenida Blas Infante.
Parking Charco de la Pava:
It is the large car park of the Fair with all its rotation spaces. Your access is performed by several points Defensive Shield and the SE-30 from the Alcor. This car park is connected to the Real de la Feria by free shuttle bus-. The shuttle bus journey from this departure to Real takes a few minutes because it has segregated road for their exclusive use.
This car park is signposted rotation by horizontal information signs and by means of a continuous line of color on road for several miles before your access point.
Definitely one of the most effective means is using and from Special Mobility Plan will use is enhanced. Large parking spaces will be enabled in most of the roads that access the Real de la Feria as well as in places conditioned in the new neighborhood of Tablada, these car parks are free. This year there is a new car park on Avenida Juan Pablo II.


Will be more than 450 Lipasam operators and 154 vehicles shall see in the Real. Seville City Council has installed 262 Bins, 292 cubes 330 liter 191 containers 800 liters.

To prevent "botellonas" held in the vicinity of the Local Police Home Vallara this, not permanently, but when I detected concentrations of youth using alcohol. So will the area surrounding districts booths.


Traditional house for missing children available to parents identification bracelets preventive measures with the contact details of your family. Parents who are interested can pick them up.
They can also be provided by the Local Police, Firemen, Civil Protection or Red Cross Seville.

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