How to get to the Seville Fair? Car, motion, bus or bike. It's up to you.

By on 12 April, 2022

Go to the Seville Fair is a major event that attracts thousands of people from around the world, so scroll to the Fair becomes a great odyssey, a problem that bothers many of the stallholders. The good news is that you can navigate to it in the way you choose in private or public transport, as the council implements every year a mobility plan to make it more accessible to visit the April Fair in Seville real.

Sevilla's fair

Sevilla's fair. source antena3

The mobility plan is launched in general on Saturday 30 April at 8 in the morning and ends on Sunday 8 May at the same time, although some restrictions start to apply from Thursday 28 April. To start it take traffic measures to ensure proper regulation of the entrances and exits to the fairgrounds and the flow of traffic in the area and its area of ​​influence, ensuring at all times the needs of the various emergency services, the activity of the Port of Seville and the work loading and unloading goods.

Affected areas include the entire fairground, part of the neighborhoods of Los Remedios, Triana, Tablada, approach areas Real and access to the city from the ring road SE-30. The special plan includes, Likewise, the area surrounding the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza during the hours of the Bullfights of the Fair.

Streets with total and partial cuts

The Real Fair and amusement grounds will be completely cut off to traffic

Jams in the Seville Fair.

Jams in the Seville Fair. Source: Journal of Sevila

from the 15:00 Saturday hours 30 April until the 4:00 Sunday hours 8 May, except for loading and unloading during business hours 06:00 hours to 12:00 hours, and vehicles of LIPASSAM and maintenance of the Royal.

Total outages since Saturday 30 from april to sunday 8 of May will affect the following roads —depending on the schedule of each street—: Rowers of Seville, service road Cardenal Bueno Monreal from La Palmera to La Raza address Puente de las Delicias; Alvar Núñez avenue with Lorenzo Leal and accesses from Virgen de Luján to Monte Carmelo streets, Virgen de Monserrat, father Damien, Pedro Pérez Fernández and Virgen de la Montaña. Alvar Núñez Avenue with Ancángel San Miguel will remain partially closed to traffic in its direction to Rubén Darío.

The Tablada neighborhood will remain closed to traffic from 16:00 Thursday hours 28 April until the 8:00 Sunday hours 8 May. It is access by Alfonso de Orleans and Bourbon from John Paul II, by Barberán and Necklace from John Paul II and García Morato Avenue from Highway Sluice.

Access to Avenida García Morato-Avenida Sanlúcar de Barrameda from the Carretera de la Esclusa is also restricted.. Access will only be allowed to vehicles with a parking space in the Club Náutico car parks, P-3, P-5, P-6, P-7, P-8 y P-0, duly accredited vehicles transporting people with reduced mobility destined for the parking spaces reserved for this purpose in García Morato, and municipal services in the performance of their own functions. Access will be restricted from 12.00 of Saturday 30 April until the 6.00 Sunday hours 8 May.

For better traffic flow, this year, as a novelty, vehicles that want to leave the city through the SE-30 from the 12.00 hours, when the cut of Juan Pablo II Avenue occurs, they will be able to do it through the Carretera de la Esclusa through a segregated lane if they go in the direction of the A-49. If you are going to leave the city through the SE-30 towards Cádiz-Córdoba, you will have to do it through Avenida de La Raza.

In the set of streets included within the perimeter defined by the Santa Fe streets, Virgen de la Oliva, Fleet Avenue Avenida de Indias, President Adolfo Suarez and-Virgin of Lujan only be allowed access to buses Tussam, accredited residents, motorbikes and bicycles and vehicles, duly accredited, Carrying Disabled, and vehicles with special access accreditation. While, access via Asuncion Street will only be allowed Tussam buses and horse carriages public service. Meanwhile, the horses have only authorized access by Virgen del Aguila.

The Ave Maria Luisa It will be one-way from the 08.00 Saturday hours from the Glorieta de San Diego to the Glorieta de Sailors Volunteers, except for a lane against sense for public transport, and so continue until 00.30 Sunday hours 8 May. Virgin of Luján, Fleet Avenue de Indias and President Adolfo Suárez and Virgen de la Oliva take the only sense in several of its sections and at various times. While, access via Asuncion Street will only be allowed Tussam buses and horse carriages public service.

Checkpoints and parking

Local police set 15 points control access to restricted areas. controls are also fixed

Parking in the Charco de la Pava for the April Fair in Seville.

Parking in the Charco de la Pava for the April Fair in Seville. Source: ABC

entrances to parking for subscribers, carried out by company personnel running the management thereof.

As for parking, They put into service a total of 7.370 sleeps rotation in the Charco de la Pava with a cost of 8 euros per stay 1.502 fertilizers P1, P4, P5, P6 and P7. Parking will be operational on Saturday 30 April at 12.00 hours and work uninterrupted until 06.00 Sunday 8 May, like the free shuttle service linking the parking Charco de la Pava with the Real de la Feria. These parking lots are guarded and running the 24 hours every day of the Fair.

Motorcycles and mopeds

large bags of parking will be enabled on most roads and streets are entering or near the site of the Fair as well as places conditioned as in Tablada. All are free.

Ride a motorcycle to the Seville Fair.

Ride a motorcycle to the Seville Fair. source ABC.


The public taxi service has special access by roads reserved, and specific stops designed to meet the demand in the immediate vicinity of the fairgrounds, Fleet located on Avenida de Indias (Stop Home) and the Glorieta Saeta plane (Cover stop), both at the ends of the street Antonio Bienvenida. While, concerted enabled taxis will stop at Avenida de Indias fleet at the height of their number 20, and taxis coming from Alcor area will have a free access lane through the parking Charco de la Pava, Ruben Dario, Carlos Cano roundabout and Avenida de Blas Infante, where they unload passengers.

Bicycle and pedestrian

To facilitate use of the bicycle commuting, there will be parking in different parts at

Flemish cycling. Sevilla's fair. Source: svqenbici

Real environment of the April Fair. These bikers will be located at the Glorieta de Saeta plane, Glorieta Nuestra Señora de la Oliva, Avenida Presidente Adolfo Suárez and Avenida de Indias Fleet.

In order to facilitate the movement of people with reduced mobility different free circuits also enable architectural barriers. Also put into service two bags of specific parking for accredited vehicles disabled. One of the bags will be located on Avenida de Sanlucar de Barrameda, while the other will be located in Virgen de la Cinta.

Horse cars

Horse cars can only access the Real de la Feria and its surroundings if they are properly

Car horse at the fair in Seville.

Car horse at the fair in Seville. Source: Galeón.

accredited by the Municipal Service Major Festivals. As an additional security measure, Cover the area will be closed for vehicles with animal traction in their access to the fairgrounds, It may be used only as an outlet thereof.

Bus and underground

Buses and urban public intercity along with the meter undertake Sevilla changes in their schedules reinforcing departures and arrivals at the Fair. Discretionary buses and rental vehicles with driver will stop to perform the rise and fall of passengers on a right lane Glorieta Saeta plane in the section between the Exclusa Highway and Bridge Delicias, as already it did last year.

Metro de Sevilla in the April Fair.

Metro de Sevilla in the April Fair. Source: I had the Lucia

Vehicles that make use of this area can not be stopped in two rows and if the area is occupied at the time of arrival, they can not stop waiting for that it is free, must continue the march to make the stop when it may be clear. The stop must be made for the minimum time necessary for the rise or fall of travelers, can not in any case remain standing waiting for them if these are not in place at the time of arrival.

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