Posters Bullfighting Feria de Abril in Seville 2024

By on 13 February, 2024


“THE FAIR AGAIN” by José Antonio Esquinas, the

Like every year around this time of February, the “Poster Hall” of La Real Maestranza in Seville takes center stage in the World of Bullfighting., The posters that make up the Sevillian season ticket are presented 2024.

The posters have been presented by the businessmen of the company Pagés Ramón Valencia Sr. and Ramón Valencia Canorea, the director of Toromedia acting as master of ceremonies, delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Seville. Various personalities attended the event, such as Ms.. Lourdes Fuster, General Secretary of the Interior of the Junta de Andalucía, D. Ricardo Sanchez, Delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Seville, D. Manuel Ales, Councilor Deputy Mayor of the Area of ​​Major Festivals and Triana and Los Remedios Districts, y D. Javier Hernandez, Director of Major Festivals of the Seville City Council.

The April cycle will develop from 7 to the 21 of said month, with the preview of Easter Sunday (31 March), consisting of 14 bullfights and a bullfight.

It will be a season of thirty-four celebrations, sixteen bullfights, a mixed, one of rejones, and sixteen heifers.

The Morante swords from La Puebla stand out as pillars of the Seville season ticket with five runs, and Roca Rey and Daniel Luque with four. The other positions are for the most flowery on the ladder., not being able to say that “someone is missing”, because the fan always misses someone, In this case, Ramón Valencia Sr. was asked about Enrique Ponce: “I didn't want to fight so soon,” says Valencia.- He spoke with his representatives and even proposed to hold another bullfight in San Miguel with him so that he would not be close to his appointment in Madrid on 28 (September), but in the end he didn't see it…”

In proper names the return of Fandi, after not being able to be there last year, returns to Seville with the Miuras. Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza's farewell to Seville, and the presence of Sevillian Borja Jiménez as a novelty.

On the bullfighting theme, fifteen have been chosen (Ramón Valencia), among them five Sevillians between capital and province. Names of young people like Javier Zuleta or Mariscal Ruiz who will soon make the leap up the ladder are dressed in lights at La Maestranza this year along with other new values ​​who come on their own merits (Valencia said that up to sixty-five dossiers were presented to him). There will be no shortage of 12 in May the “Final of the Andalusian Bullfighting Circuit”, logically still without protagonists.

Regarding livestock, the best keep coming, the usual ones, to which this year Chamaco joins, Julio de la Puerta or Torrealba.

For statistics friends, the 46% of the coletudos of the fertilizer are Sevillians.

For the top leader of the Baratillo arena, this year's headline would be: “The Fair again”, remembering the previous year where it was called “La Feria”, that short and by right to last year's posters wanting to highlight the weight of our bullfighting fair alone with its name, "the fair". The businessman did not want to forget “San Miguel”, where last year the “no tickets” was posted for three days: “Powerful and famous” is how Don Ramón called her, who then said: “These are good dates, the warm weather and three days of very well prepared bulls”, that is Valencia's magic formula for San Miguel 2024.

The subscription with its twenty-four celebrations (same as in 2023) upload a 6% (didn't go up since 2020 According to the company). The renewal of subscriptions from 26 February to 5 March.

The “youth voucher” for minors is still on sale 21 years; and for retirees the “Sol Alto” ​​stands. You can use the “Cultural Bonus”.

By last, second year of “One Toro” to watch the Fair on pay television.

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