Historical Evolution of the April Fair

The origins of the April Fair are in a 25 August 1846 Bonaplata that Narciso and José María de Ybarra signed a proposition presented to the City Commission requesting authorization for the days 19, 20 and 21 April is an annual fair held.

The City Council looked favorably on the initiative of the Basque and Catalan, Andalusian curiously were not precursors-, seconded by many ranchers and farmers. Thus in 1847 held the first Fair in April.

The official chronicler of the City, el Sr. Velazquez and Sanchez, He wrote that “to inaugurate the major concession in the days 18, 19 and 20, City Council agreed on a Exposure of cattle, with adjusicación prize competition, Bulls, oxen, rams, stallions and mares, admitting to qualify for the gift of a silver spurs horse riders Spanish school. Granted to the free grazing cattle Tablada and Prado de San Sebastián, two troughs or basins were built in San Bernardo and pit against the Tobacco Factory, reaching a coffee and pastry in spacious tent for brokers and traffickers comosidad dependent farmers, care of your business; Special Court in settling the Municipality erected shed off the Puerta de San Bernardo. From this door to immediate Meat (Min-Hoar in the old) toys posts were established in two rows, fruits and sweets, and sidewalk Prado, from Tagarete to San Bernardo, stores bun shop, still lifes and taverns; well-being found on New Street (San Fernando), in doorways of their houses, Pendants, roperías, Fashion firms effects, news and exhibitions; dividing by the contours of the rotating machines Prado horses and buggies, cosmoramas always terrible and Thumper Don Cristóbal Polichinela Doña Rosita with his inseparable. The second and third days were rainy Fair, but the market was extended for another.

It should be noted that the program's initial proposal indicated that the 19 April 1847 a prize of four thousand reales to submit ox least four more years weighed over a thousand pounds would be granted; another prize of equal amount, the largest ox of any age. Two thousand reais a lot better ten rams two years; equal to another lot of ten best merino wool rams. One of six thousand reais a better bull run will take in the twentieth, and another award equal to the horse's rider in the race to check on 21 April.

If we look at what he wrote the Chronicler, the first year the fair featured carousels, bodegones, carousels, buñoleras, various positions and even a run eight bulls, of herds Taviel de Andrade and Curro Cúchares, for Lavi, Juan Manuel Lucas White and Wheat.

Interestingly in 1848, Fair was held 17, 18 and 19, coinciding with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week, something unthinkable today and it was possible at that time because neither Monday, nor did Tuesday Station Penance, out only those Bitterness and Love, Palm Sunday.

In 1850 attended the Fair over sixty thousand cattle. Licenses were issued to 15 donuts posts, 34 nougat and hazelnuts, 93 for taverns and water p.

In 1856 thought to relocate the fair to Campus Martius (Plaza de Armas to Barqueta) and he came to take the cattle to Prado de Santa Justa and the Fourth of Payas, against Camas (the banks of the Guadalquivir).

1863 was the year in which the Circo Price goes first to Elm Street.

In 1864 the first burn fireworks.

The change from the old lighting oil, by “modern” of gas takes place in 1866.

1870 is a politically tough year, but the fair lasts two days.

The first electric lámoara visit the Fair in 1874.

1877 represents the first year in which paper lanterns are installed. The Reina Isabel II go to the fair and enjoy their environment.

In 1885 the remarkable thing was that along the calle San Fernando thirty-four arches were placed with glass globes, which in turn had inside lights burning gas. The effect was very colorful and striking.

1893 represents the year in which the first houses of the great casinos and Seville circles are mounted.

In 1894 the first call for the contest poster of the April Fair became. He won for the first time Francisco Candela, his prize 500 pesetas.

In 1896, and more specifically 18 April, the famous iron gateway opened. At first it was illuminated by 798 gas lights and arcing, battery at its peak. He starred in a time, until 1920 was demolished. Their 81.297 kilos of iron were vendisos a scrap price (two real the kilo) Industrial to Almeria.

The Companies Circle was released in Japanese style house 1904. The decor was light Japanese style, even with oriental umbrellas. That same year, the brothers Alvarez Quintero along with a group of Ateneistas, rode “Dogs”, a house that symbolized the entrance of a farmhouse. They achieved a great recognition and praise with his idea, since the houses began to have nuances Seville, Oriental frivolities away.

It was in 1914 when the fair lasts five days and. the first of which was used to open the Maria Luisa Park.

In 1916 Kings Don Alfonso XII and Queen Victoria Eugenia first visited the Seville Fair.

The drawings of the painter Gustavo Bacarisas of scarves Unified Real booths are 1919. It should be noted that this decoration style scores gave up today.

Fair 1930 agrees with the Iberoamerican Exhibition and represents the first time held in the grounds of the South Sector, moving outside the Prado.

The 14 April 1931 the Second Republic was proclaimed and in three days the City Council had to make numerous tricolors.

The Civil War caused the suspension of the celebrations. All that took place was the livestock market.

The decade of the 40 characterized by economic hardship. The Spanish Civil War is characterized by food shortages and rationing. La Feria de Abril loses brilliance.

It is in 1949 when the first cover is installed on the Avenida del Cid.

From 1953 The fair lasts six days.

1964 was the year of the infamous fire at the Royal. Fueron destroyed 64 booths, numerous injuries and even died an old man.

The Prince of Monaco and his wife Grace visited the Feria de Sevilla 1966. Also visited the widow of President of the United States, Kennedy.

1968 was the year in which the current Queen of Spain visited the Real de la Feria first.

An important role in the future evolution of the Fair year was 1973. The 30 April this year, Fair leave the Prado de San Sebastián and moved to its current location in the Los Remedios neighborhood. Over time the reality exceeded expectations and the current complex there has been little. More than forty thousand square meters occupied and more than a thousand existing houses, funny thing is that the number of similar requests the City to install booths at the fairgrounds.

In summary, the Feria de Abril is a tradition that paralyzes Sevilla for a week and that causes a significant portion of the activity in the city takes place in the many stands of Royal , meeting point for farmers who do not sell their products, but entire families living in a very special way the largest World's Fair, Feria de Sevilla.

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